CR and DR Systems


DR Systems

A variety of flat DR panels are available in a single or dual detector configuration. 43 cm x 43 cm or 35 cm x 43 cm flat panel detectors operate with very low patient dose and have optimal image quality. Processed images are available within seconds. The optionally fixed, tethered or wireless panels cover all needs. Can be used with your existing x-ray equipment.

CR Systems

The simple, yet smart new design concept of the CR Systems creates an affordable entry to the digital radiography environment. By addressing your need for both workflow efficiency and resolution, it is the ideal choice for the cost conscious organisation. Can be used with your existing x-ray equipment. Call us to arrange a demonstration.


To enjoy the benefits of DR or CR there is normally no need to change your existing x-ray equipment. Give us a call to discuss your specific requirements. We can also arrange for equipment to be demonstrated in your practice.